Key populations programs

FOSREF offers specialized services for Sex Workers and clients and for LGBTQI in its specific FOSREF Key populations Centers and in the communities served by these centers called LAKAY Centers. FOSREF has set up various centers/projects offering diagnostic and treatment services for STIs, HIV/AIDS prevention services including VCT and Post-test club services, care services for sex workers and LGBTQI who have been tested HIV+, including care programs with support groups and psychosocial supervision and assistance to affected families; these centers also offer ARV treatment to the PLHIV Key populations. 

These centers also offer: List of services offered: Condom supply services for SW and clients; Awareness and information services in prostitution points (community and brothels, cabarets etc.); Counseling services for rape cases and support for rape cases; fight against Stigma/ discrimination/ violence (GBV) against the KP; Training services for KP peer educators in HIV/AIDS prevention; Semi-professional training services for sex workers (Cosmetics, IT, arts, cooking, etc.) offering alternatives to prostitution etc.….