Our partners

FOSREF partners

FOSREF has several categories of partners, the largest of which is the Ministry of Public Health and Population (MSPP), in strategic, operational and service areas.

Intervention and project/program partners

As part of its projects and programs, FOSREF has a large number of intervention partners, with whom it operates in perfect synergy and complementarity. Among these partners, we can mention: the MSPP, the Ministry of National Education, the IBESR, the Ministry for Women and Women’s Rights, the Ministry of Youth, Sports and Civic Action, Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) including NGOs (national and international), associations of PLHIV, women’s organizations (all categories including Sex Workers), LGBTI, young people, religious denominations, etc. FOSREF through the ten departments of the country, collaborates and works closely with multiple grassroots community organizations (OCB).

Partner donors

Over the years, FOSREF’s projects and programs have been funded and supported by multiple donors, the main ones being: USAID, UNFPA, the Gates Foundation, CDC, PEPFAR, the Global Fund, the Government of Japan, UNICEF, UNDP, Coca-Cola Foundation, French Government, UN-Women, World Bank, IRC, Spanish Government, Dutch Government, etc.