The “Youth” program

This program offers a wide variety of services to young people in FOSREF centers and in the communities served by these centers: Availability of Family Life Education /EVF /Youth courses (Responsible Parenting, sexual empowerment, HIV/AIDS prevention, etc.), Availability of young animators/ facilitators networks (For the promotion of sexual empowerment in communities), Integration of HIV/VCT services into Sexual Health/Reproductive Health programs/services of Youth centers (SR: Integral part of Post -test VCT Clubs), Bus-Info Youth Services Programs (Service Bus for young people across the country), Information and sensitization of community leaders on SS/SR Youth, Training of school teachers (Youth SR), Youth Clubs (Promotion of sexual empowerment of young people) at school and community levels, Youth Theater Networks (Edutainment program: Promotion of sexual empowerment of young people) at the at the national level, Training of young people in SS/SR/AIDS prevention, Availability of specialized SS/SR/HIV/AIDS prevention counseling services for young people (with services for the diagnosis and treatment of sexually transmitted infections, support groups for young people living with HIV/AIDS ( Psychosocial assistance); Youth Per educators program at national level etc.; fight against GBV etc.